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And Buratai shakes Naija with Shekau’s capture

He went into an eerie state, after a hard day’s work, stretching himself on his camp bed. His heart shook violently and beads of sweat covered his forehead, but eventually fell asleep.
The theatre commander in Maiduguri, Gen. Charlie was furious all day about earlier events, as he sat for dinner in his half-lit shack before retiring for a short rest.
He tried as much as possible to cast his mind off the unfortunate violent encounter between some of his men and the police in Dama.
“We are all here for a common mission; to protect our people.” “So, how can we be fighting ourselves?”
“What would Madawaki Soja think; what impression have we created about us to him?
Entirely in another world, Captain Sabo knocked and entered. “Evening Sir,” he greeted, standing erect in the usual military fashion.
Gen. Charlie stared at him in the face and replied almost inaudibly, “Evening, and what can I do for you, officer?” he asked.
“Permission to make bonfire in the camp, sir,” the Captain replied.
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The Second Fall by Abdulqawiyu Muhammad

You approach the high grounds around my homestead with stealthy finesse though you know I felt your aura soon as you breached the clear, moonlit vault. Your feet touch the pebbled ground with barely audible crunches; eagle-spread wings angling to partial folds. Then you close in on my turned back until you can see over my shoulder the lifeless stretch of Perdition Valley yonder.
“Where is that famed cheerfulness about you today?” you finally ask in a mocking guttural rasp as you survey the flaming remains of the low-lying settlement. Far afield, amber hues still pulse where raging infernos swept through days before.
“Have you come here to gloat?”
“Why be sour? Isn’t this what you wanted?”
Not even close. But you already know that.
“Run along now, Michael. I’m certain your Master would be extremely displeased with your vain talks when you should be running His errands.” You laugh—a relaxed rejoinder brimful of victorious joy.
“Speaking of errands, the Lord asks how well your crusade f…

About Last Night by Abdulqawiyu Muhammad

Last night, I relaxed my strict rituals of metal music and heavy boozing with the howling mob of horny meth-heads at The Lost Souls. We were all spotlit almost to the point of being washed out by the red haze of the bar’s lighting fixtures. I sat at the bartender’s, back to the barkeep, and stroked Loki’s little head while watching a horse-faced John Doe crash and burn under the impaling eyes of a heavily tattooed girl two tables away—opposites don’t really attract, yet, Billy Horseface McEverydayguy wasn’t taking the hint. Clean-shaven, formally dressed and looking like the next poor bastard that will get mugged, he struggled to keep the monolog as strong a monolog can get in a triple-threat match with angry music, wild headbangers and the lifeless stare from the apathetic death metal fan girl he spoke to. Judging by her disaffection, I guessed he was saying something about family business, his really big inheritance from late grand daddy’s estate, his girlfriendless life and how his…


Local government as government at the grassroot level is supposed to touch everyday life of the people because it is nearer to us than federal or state government. There is no doubt that our local government have performed in varying degrees in some aspect. However, when expectations are compared with realities in Ajaokuta LGA, it is obvious that the balance sheet is a poor one. This is because while people's expectations from the local government are very high, the result have been unfortunately very low.
I, therefore used this opportunity to advice both the current and potential administrators of our dear local government to devise low-cost but nonetheless effective methods of improving the revenue bases of our local government. Internally generated sources of revenue should not be discarded. They should explore the whole gamut of untapped sources of internal revenue in our domain.
For the fact that we have shops along Adogo - Secretariat road, thus I suggest the local governmen…


The current crops of “cyberlists” have intermittently portrayed themselves as folks who are alien to decorum and responsibility. They hide under the toga of criticism and run amok with every unimaginable piece of lie under the earth, crossing every line of decency and honesty. Painfully, this very concept and definition of criticism utterly elude them.
It is obvious that, a society where a line is not drawn between value and vices is at the precipice of lawlessness, but alas greater is the number of folks who seem to mesmerize in the pools of social vices and any attempt to purge the menace is greeted with a shout of blue murder!
There is definitely no wrong in exercising every human right conceived by the Constitution, not limited to the freedom of speech and expression only but no provision in the Constitution to make oneself a law unto himself /herself. This is where the self –styled critics lose the point, turning themselves into cyber rogues, tempting the law.
It is trite to say …

Sunday vibes; just for 😁


Ajaokuta local government is one of the most blessed local government among the 774 local government in Nigeria. It is blessed with enormous natural resources including the notable iron and steel company. Despite all these blessing or free gifts from God, Ajaokuta local government is also among the poorest local government in Nigeria and this can be attributed to the following reasons.
Firstly, the abandonment of Ajaokuta iron and steel company. The company was established and commissioned by Alhaji Shahu Shagari's administration in 1983, and it was abandoned by the subsequent government. The Ajaokuta iron and steel company would have been a major source of income to the local government and the country at large. It would have generated a lot of employment opportunities which could have reduced the level of unemployment to zero level and again it would have facilitates rapid development and enhances the standard of living of the people of Ajaokuta local government area. Although, …