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If we continue to live this way this generation of Nigerians will continue to leave everything to prayers and God. Our ancestors will take care of it or our God is always merciful he will take of it. No wonder we cannot hold our leaders accountable rather we leave them for God.
I was shocked when I turned back to realize that the whole of the class I was teaching was rushing out of the classroom through all exits, at first I didn’t know what to think until
“sorry corper, they didn’t had their prayers this morning”
I turned to find the compound master behind me. I couldn’t utter a word as I was still trying to wrap my head around what just happened. How did we get here? What is our priority as a people? Quality education or Prayers? Why on earth would one chase students out of their classes where they are receiving lessons for prayers? Because prayers are more important than why we are here in the first place?
This is what we have become-passive beings who doesn’t believe that their d…