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The current crops of “cyberlists” have intermittently portrayed themselves as folks who are alien to decorum and responsibility. They hide under the toga of criticism and run amok with every unimaginable piece of lie under the earth, crossing every line of decency and honesty. Painfully, this very concept and definition of criticism utterly elude them.
It is obvious that, a society where a line is not drawn between value and vices is at the precipice of lawlessness, but alas greater is the number of folks who seem to mesmerize in the pools of social vices and any attempt to purge the menace is greeted with a shout of blue murder!
There is definitely no wrong in exercising every human right conceived by the Constitution, not limited to the freedom of speech and expression only but no provision in the Constitution to make oneself a law unto himself /herself. This is where the self –styled critics lose the point, turning themselves into cyber rogues, tempting the law.
It is trite to say that, that one possesses access to the cyber room or the internet does not guarantee unrestrained right of expression. After all, it is a right of expression, not a right of destruction yes it is called freedom of speech not freedom to hate and be unruly.
I beg of you to consider the above submission as a premise to air my personal opinion on the hue created by some ill informed folks about the recent attempt by the law enforcement agency to lawfully put some restrains on the activities of certain group of people who considered themselves above the law in Kogi State.
The Governor of Kogi State, Alh. Yahaya Bello I verily know is not a man that “witch –hunt”, intimidate or harass any man. His class is far above that pedestal consideration. I want to try as much as possible not to bring the name of the dude facing court trial for his perfidious and heinous demeanor. He definitely does not worth intellectual ink. But those following the trend will definitely be guided well.
Here is a young man who by his deed exhibits traits commonly known with a man going through middle life crises. This is a boy who supposed to exude brilliancy, good culture, and uprightness but has turned himself into a cyber rogue in every worst way possible. Now that the long arm of the law intends to salvage the young man from total destruction some ill informed folks are crying foul and calling unprintable names. This culture of taking side with the derailed is painfully known to happen only in Nigeria. Be it as it may, the law will take its cause and our society must be sanitized.


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