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Burkinabe Youths: A Force to Reckon With

There it was - a picture on the official Facebook page of Sahara reporters with the caption “the youths of Burkina Faso stare down AK-47 wielding soldiers to topple Blaise Campaore dictatorship. Could Nigerians ever do that?”
I didn’t go through the comment section because of one reason which can be summarise as ‘same shit, different days’. It is still gonna be the same old shit. “Jonathanians” insulting the admin/poster , accusing him/them of inciting violence, probably one of them uploading a picture of Mr Jonathan with the caption “till 2019”. And the “Buhariyyas” saying Nigerians should join hands together to topple this government, while they accuse the present administration of inciting the incessant killing that has been ravaging the country and may probably endorse Buhari as the sole solution.
This is how it always goes down: Southerners against the Northerners and then it metamorphoses into Muslims versus Christians and blah blah blah. And then the question “could Nigerians ever do this” will be left of unanswered as the youths who are supposed to provide answers to the question are busy accusing their selves of what they have absolutely no knowledge about apart from what they see or hear in the media (and the media can be deceiving sometimes), some of them don’t even use other media outlets, just the social media and then they come out as self-styled experts on national issues.
As a youth in Nigeria, if I am going to have to answer that question “could Nigerians ever do this” I will be forced to ask, on what ground? I mean towards what end? What could we hope to achieve at the end? And please do not mistake intent as implying that we do not need change, of course we do need change in all aspect, but what I am saying is, how the youths who are so divided that even a total stranger can easily understand that they have diverse motives and aspiration (most of which are born out of selfish and biased reasoning) mobilize their selves against anybody or for any purpose.
Call me a pessimist if you must, but without critical examination of issue relevant considerations and extensive issue-relevant thinking by the youths of this country, what we are witnessing in Nigeria is just the beginning. As far as the attitudes and beliefs of the youths are not formed based on the above, we are heading towards something sinister in the near future. So long as the youths cannot establish a unified common ground, aims and aspirations, to answer the question “could Nigerians ever do this”……………………..NO!!!!!!


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