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The smartphone business market holds enormous prospect for investors. Mobile phone companies are aware of this, and have not failed to spoil Nigerians for choice every year with new products. Considering the growth in the range of products by different brands, the decision-making process when buying a smartphone could be complicated. So, what brands do Nigerians eventually go for, and why? First– Tecno: If you cannot afford a blackberry or an android but still want to ‘feel among’, a Tecno smartphone may be a good buy. The main selling point of this phone is its affordability, and despite its relative low quality, it is fast becoming one a popular phone among-st Nigerians. Second – Samsung: Samsung did not start out with the manufacture of telephones when it was established in 1938. Not many people are aware of this fact. In 1969, Samsung diversified its business by venturing into electronics, and began the manufacture of mobile phones about a decade ago. Most people buy Samsung androids because of their versatility and functionality, which, impressively, improves with every new upgrade. Third – Nokia: Nokia remains a handset of choice in Nigeria’s mobile phone market, with a market share of about 73 percent over the year through April, according to statistics by analytics firm Statcounter. The reason is because of the age-long reputation of the company to produce phones with long-lasting battery lives – an attractive feature for phone users in a country where power supply is irregular. Most Nigerians tend to own a Nokia along with their other phones, because of its reliable battery life. for Example, I use Samsung Galaxy Core& Nexus 4 but still have Nokia Torch popularly Known as Peter Touch In Nigeria Fourth – Blackberry: The fact that so many Nigerians still own Blackberry smartphones is a factor for RIM’s success in Nigeria. The variety of Blackberry phones and its perception as a status symbol contributes to the sales. Also, thanks to its variety and high end prices, many people now sell their Blackberry to upgrade to Tecno or Samsung since it runs on Android Platform and BBM enabled.. am sorry to say, Blackberry is in state of Oblivion both Locally and Internationally.. Fifth – iPhone: The iPhone is mostly attractive to its users because of its elitist appeal. It is easily the most expensive brand on this list, and is seen by most as a status symbol. A very good smartphone, it is known for its easy navigation, and the only disadvantage would be that it sometimes compromises functionality to fit its elitist standard. The major shortcoming i see in iPhones is their Stagnant Homepage,Menu’s And so many restrictions, Unable to customize widget and so on…. they have got the same look like forever, the only series that you can spot major changes was from iPhone 5 running on iOS 7. Nigerian don’t always use this brand because it high prices, Apple products are known to be very expensive


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“At every turn in history, iconic men and women; those exceptional people with unprecedented breadth of service to humanity, the icons whose trajectory stand them apart from the packs, appear like the comet to beautify our world. Great achievers and product of inspiration, such rare breeds of men and women do not appear from the abyss of frivolity, vainglory or wishful thinking. Inspiration and courage gave birth to them while patriotism and passion for hard work nurtured them into limelight and ingrained them in our hearts” Maj. Gen. Chris Olukolade.
Ebira land and Nigeria by extension has been very fortunate to be blessed with such a thoroughbred. I talk of a woman and a mother to all. “Mummy” as she is fondly called by the staff of TaoFm where I have been working as a voluntary worker for sometimes now is truly a mother figure to all.
As the General Manager of the organization, one would expect a boss who will merely boss people around the workplace as common with most people in …


Ajaokuta local government is one of the most blessed local government among the 774 local government in Nigeria. It is blessed with enormous natural resources including the notable iron and steel company. Despite all these blessing or free gifts from God, Ajaokuta local government is also among the poorest local government in Nigeria and this can be attributed to the following reasons.
Firstly, the abandonment of Ajaokuta iron and steel company. The company was established and commissioned by Alhaji Shahu Shagari's administration in 1983, and it was abandoned by the subsequent government. The Ajaokuta iron and steel company would have been a major source of income to the local government and the country at large. It would have generated a lot of employment opportunities which could have reduced the level of unemployment to zero level and again it would have facilitates rapid development and enhances the standard of living of the people of Ajaokuta local government area. Although, …


The current crops of “cyberlists” have intermittently portrayed themselves as folks who are alien to decorum and responsibility. They hide under the toga of criticism and run amok with every unimaginable piece of lie under the earth, crossing every line of decency and honesty. Painfully, this very concept and definition of criticism utterly elude them.
It is obvious that, a society where a line is not drawn between value and vices is at the precipice of lawlessness, but alas greater is the number of folks who seem to mesmerize in the pools of social vices and any attempt to purge the menace is greeted with a shout of blue murder!
There is definitely no wrong in exercising every human right conceived by the Constitution, not limited to the freedom of speech and expression only but no provision in the Constitution to make oneself a law unto himself /herself. This is where the self –styled critics lose the point, turning themselves into cyber rogues, tempting the law.
It is trite to say …