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Polio in Nigeria

Polio in 
Nigeria 'shows big increase'
A child being given a polio vaccination in Kano in northern Nigeria in 2005"Vaccinations have caused controversy in Nigeria's mainly Muslim north
A four-fold increase in polio has been reported in Nigeria, with the disease spreading to other countries, a World Health Organisation official says.
Forty-three cases were reported in Nigeria this year, compared to 11 last year, the official, Thomas Moran, said.
Curbing the polio virus in Nigeria is key to eradicating the crippling disease in Africa, he said.
In 2003, northern Nigeria's Muslim leaders leaders opposed vaccinations, claiming they could cause infertility.
Nigeria is one of four countries in the world - along with Pakistan, India and Afghanistan - where polio is still a major health risk.
'Strong leadership'
Mr Moran told the BBC the disease had also spread to neighbouring Niger, Mali and Ivory Coast.
"The success of polio eradication in Africa rest…